9.45am – 5.15pm

Saturday 6th July 2019

Royal Geographical Society, South Kensington, London


The Institute of Economic Affairs is the UK’s original free-market think tank, placing ourselves at the forefront of the battle of ideas since our founding 60 years ago. Since then we’ve had a number of Nobel Prize-winning economists associated with us including Milton Friedman, Elinor Ostrom, and Friedrich Hayek. They, like so many others, got involved with the IEA because they shared our vision to educate people on the role that markets can play in solving economic and social problems.

As an educational charity, we have strong connections with the UK’s schools and leading universities. From helping university economic societies to flourish, to our sixth form conference programme, we travel the length and breadth of the country talking about free-market economics and distributing our publications. Through our conversations with students all over the country, it became clear that there wasn’t an event out there for the best and brightest students to come together in the UK and look at ways to solve the world’s economic problems. This is where the idea for THINK first came from.

Last year’s THINK conference brought together some of the best speakers in the world to highlight how the creativity and innovation fostered under free markets has helped to halve world poverty in recent decades.

Now in its fifth year, THINK will bring together some of the most prominent and thought-provoking economists from all over the world to speak about a vast range of topics from international development to the sharing economy.

Above all, you’ll be introduced to new ideas, changing the way you think about the world and the major challenges facing us, and you’ll hear some of the most exciting and surprising predictions about how you can expect the world to change in your lifetimes!

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